Monday, October 31, 2011

The Nature of Today's Energy 10/31/11

We come to another time of healing. I can only relate this to the book I am reading "Anatomy of the spirit" by Caroline Myss. It talks about healing and how we can let go of our past hurts and our worries for tomorrow so we can heal our spirit. In turn we may even heal our body and be able to move forward with our choices. Everything within our body that is a Dis-ease is caused by the loss of energy within one of our seven power centers. I will relate this card to Halloween. Some say it is a day regarding the dead. Some say that spirits walk among us during this time. Some say the veil is lifted between the spirit world and our world. I was advised by one of my teachers that it is a time of honoring those who have passed. Because of the card that was chosen, I have to say that today is a time of letting go of the past. It is time to let go of those things that have caused you harm. It is time to say good-bye to your past. Let it go and bury it in the ground. Do a ritual of release and move forward with your life.

Blessed Be.

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