Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Nature of Today's Energy 10/5/11

   The Sun.
The lesson changes. We go from decisions to abundance. From uncertain to clarity. The Sun is about light. Having light shine down on things and finding answers. When I see this card, I remember the time that my spirit guide advised me to get up and walk. I went to the Waterpark and was advised to walk around it three times. I meditated for a while and as I walked on the track my spirit guide advised me about this card. They advised me that when we shine like the sun, we shine on everything. Not on certain things or people. We are not like the shade. We do not pick and choose who we cover in murky light. I understood that I was only helping certain people, instead of just helping. I was only talking to certain people, instead of just talking. I was advising certain people, instead of just advising. What I am finding out is that when we create expectations, we create disappointment, and we stop existing. Today is about existing within your destruction. Existing within the darkness. Existing within life. Existing within love.

  There is success and happiness in my life.

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