Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Nature of Today's Energy 10/6/11

  The Nine of Cups.
This is the wish card. What have you been asking for? Are you ready for what the Universe is going to bring you? Are you really ready for Love? Are you really ready for inheritance? Are you really ready for opportunity? Are you going to accept it for what it looks like? Who knows? You may find out that what you have been longing for is simply not what you want at all. My only advise to you today is that you accept anything and everything that comes into your existence. It is the Universe at work. It is the process of creation. Never turn down a path of uncertainty for a path of what is known. Walk with your heart wide open. Let your intuition lead you to what you really need. Exist within the light of the sun. The Sun is our lesson card. This means shinning down on everything and everyone. That is what our desire is. To exist within our reality and not feel like an outcast. To be accepted for everything that swims beneath our skin. To be accepted for our thoughts, flaws, and beauty. Real beauty. Beauty that lies within this shell. Within this great instrument we call a human body.

  There is Success and Happiness in my life.

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