Friday, October 7, 2011

The Nature of Today's Energy 10/7/11

  The Prince of Coins.
The Virgo. I was taught by my friend that the Virgo is associated by an archetype called the "Overseer". When I look at any Knight card I have to think of a young energy. Immature at times. Raw in power. Unable to tap into their potential like the Queen or King. Unable to use their power for either good or bad. They have no choice in some matters. Their ability just seeps out and causes action to take place. This can sometimes be a young male or female. This can sometimes be a child. What we see here is that this person is driven by money. They create material items without thinking. They want and want, but can not see the process unfold before them. This card is about Earth power. When I think of Earth, I think of dirt and clay. I think of fields. I think of hard work. I think of the mule. I think of a farmer. He must oversee everything within his land. He has to make sure everything is planted at a certain time. He keeps to a schedule and wakes up early to achieve his goal. The farmer only knows one to farm. What we do not see is the passion that is within him for another love. The farmer still has goals and can achieve them after his labor is done. Ah-ha! This card is about seeing your potential with the hobby you love the most. Looking towards that hobby for inspiration. Finding out that you can do more than one thing at a time and achieve the same results.

  There is success and happiness in my life.

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