Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Nature of Today's Energy 11/13/11

  The King of Swords.
This card can be associated with the archetype "The Lover". The sign of Libra.
They are fair and just. They hold to the truth. They give everyone a fair chance before giving an opinion. What does this card mean to me?
I use to struggle with the Court Cards. I use to wonder what information they have to give. What key to use to unlock their mystery?
Now I understand that each Court Card has many meanings. Each Major Arcana card has many meanings. So I must follow my heart.
This card is talking about the influence we have within our life. Are we fair with what we think? Are we fair to ourselves?
I have to associate this card with the Major Arcana Card "Justice".
She is the Goddess. She holds the Universal Laws and Truths in place. She wields her sword and the lie is broken into two. The lesson is exposed.
Look deep and hard at the truth. Look deep and hard at what is before you. Is there love there?
Is there hope?
Is there a choice?
Know that today is no different than the others that lie ahead of you. Know that today is no different than the year that lies ahead as well, if you keep on this same path of destruction. So change it up. Step to the side. Change the day. Change your thoughts. Change your Fate.
You hold the power. Use it.
Rebuild, renew, and make the day different.
Or not. It is up to you.

Blessed Be.

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