Monday, November 14, 2011

The Nature of Today's Energy 11/14/11

  The Four of Swords.
This is always about the requirement of rest. It is time to take care of our self. It is time to call back our spirit from those moments that we worry about. I am having to work on this exercise each morning. I wake up every day and worry. I wake up and think about the time frame I have for my daily routine. I think about past items. I think about future items.
I find myself thinking about things that have no real meaning within my life. So each morning I advise myself to "Stay in the Now". Then I call back my spirit from those moments in time and give them up to the Divine.
I am finding out that in the morning there is less chatter and also I am able to focus my attention on what is happening here at this moment, rather then what will or has happened.
This exercise allows me to stop the chatter in my head and be at peace. It is a time of rest and restart. I can think with clarity when a new decision is presented.

Blessed Be.

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