Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Nature of Today's Energy 11/23/11

  The Star.
I was looking at the past Lesson Cards. I wanted to see what the Spirit's were telling me. I noticed that the energy was going through a time of healing, then to a time of faith, moving past transformation from the unseen, to our present lesson: Hope. The Star is a wonderful card. It means being more than enough. So I state that to myself every so often. "I am more than enough for any person that is in my life. I am more than enough in this world. "
This statement allows me to move past my feelings of fear, loss, and regret. Really when any type of fear arises, it is because we are feeling "not validated".
Today is about having more energy than needed. We can shine in any situation and find truth. We are hope. We are Faith. People may look to us for answers today. People may ask us for help. What we must remember during our small tasks, is that we are doing it for the Divine.

Blessed Be.

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