Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Nature of Today's Energy 11/30/11

  The Six of Coins.
The energy will be about giving and receiving. Being generous with what you have and in return receiving love. Love is a tricky thing at first. You think that love is validation. That love from another person is what keeps us going in this world. Really you come to find out that true love is found within. No matter what, you still exist, with or without the love of another person. So we come to the giving part.
I say give all that you have to everyone and everything. You contain so much power within you and if you truly follow the Divine, then there is a limitless amount of energy just waiting for you to use. Give energy to those around you. Give them strength and hope. Give them time and material things. Give them peace and joy. Remember to always give when you have more than enough. Give energy if you have no material items to give to another person. Give a smile to those around you.
I always talk about taking back our power. Well in this situation it is okay to give small amounts. I am not asking you to give and give and give until you can not give anymore. I am asking you to give what you are able to spare. Know that if you follow the Divine then you will receive the same amount of energy, if not more, back in return.

Blessed Be.

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