Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Nature of Today's Energy 12/1/11

  The Nine of Coins.
Where do we find comfort? In what do we find comfort?
Is it the sunset or the sunrise? Is it the home that we live in? Do we find comfort in the people we end our day with?
Comfort is the abundance of something. The security that there is more than enough. What if I told you that our attention should be turned to love, not the material things that you hold in your hands.
Understand that love is in abundance. Love is overflowing. Find comfort in the fact that you are in abundance. Your very existence is in abundance. Now let it over flow into others energy field. Let it meld and bloom pieces of love. Let the world come to a complete whole. You are the piece that was misplaced. Now that you are found, well the puzzle is complete. Let the energy flow in abundance my friend. Let your existence be acknowledged.

Blessed Be.

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