Friday, December 2, 2011

The Nature of Today's Energy 12/2/11

  The Page of Swords.
The energy will be about communication and information that is needed. It will come into our lives with a swift blow and leave us to pick up the pieces. It will strike us to the heart and in turn we must analyze it. Look at all information today with a symbolic eye. Take it not as "Why has this hurt me", but take it as "This is a person going through a certain experience".
Always remember that you are in control and there is something positive in every experience you have. In turn today you must also speak the truth. Do not hide behind your fears. Do not hide behind what other people will think. If your spirit and mind are advising you to respond with the truth...then speak it. If it comes from a place of love and the words are of love...then speak it.

Blessed Be.

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