Monday, January 16, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 1/16/12

  The Moon.
We start out on our journey today. A new journey. We have been awakened from our sleep with new ideas and thoughts. We have come out of the dream world and into our reality. Now it is time to look for the sign posts that the divine has given us through our dreams. Understand that every journey has change within it. The real question is "Are we ready for that change?"
This is the challenge. We could go with it and find out that there has to be no struggle on our journey, or we could fight against the tide.
I can offer you this little bit of information: what you choose to do is not a subject of failure or praise. It is a decision based off of necessity. What do you really require at this time? What are you really looking for? Also once you have that certain subject, do you find yourself happy or disappointed?

Blessed Be.

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