Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 1/17/12

  The Hermit.
Now our journey takes us inward. We must look within for our answers. We must look within to see what we need. We must look within for the Divine. The Hermit advises us to learn what we can from being alone. We enter our cave, which is our inner self, and ponder about all the things we must face. We look for answers and in turn we find them. We listen to the Divine. We listen.
The Hermit now leaves his place of security to enter into the world and become the teacher. He is ready to share his information. He is ready to aid others on their journey. The one thing he finds out on his journey, is that not everyone is ready to listen. No matter what you must keep going. You must not stop. You have to keep showing others by example that you live within the light.

Blessed Be.

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