Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 1/24/12

  The Hierophant.
Sometimes when we return home, after a long journey, we seem to not fit in. Everything looks the same. Everything smells the same, but we feel different. We search for the reason of this feeling and come up empty. It is not until we look into the mirror and find out that we have changed. Everything else is the same and has not moved, but we have moved. The lesson of the Hierophant is about the tradition and ritual we partake in everyday of our lives. We move in circles around things and people that can not aid us on our journey. They only cause us to sit and stay in one spot. We move with the hope that something new will happen. That someone will eventually come into our life and put us on a different course of action. I can tell you that no one is capable of doing this. Only with the help of the Divine can you be put on a new path. It must start with you. You must choose to take the offer from the Divine and move out of your zone of comfort. Understand that returning home is a good thing. Returning to something familiar can give us the inspiration to pick up our hat and seek a new adventure. Home is always there in the end. Home never leaves. Actually home is anywhere you wish it to be.

Blessed Be.

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