Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 2/16/12

  The Seven of Coins.
This card is about planning. Coupled with the Temperance card, we see a time of waiting. This healing process is all about planting the seed of greatness. We have two choices: to either sit and watch it grow or live our life and know that it shall flourish.
Understand that everything you do has meaning and will set you on a course of greatness, if you are willing to listen to God or the Divine. You will succeed if you are willing to really let God take over. The choice is yours. Free will is there for us to use in order to have a blessed life. In order for us to realize what is before us. In order for us to appreciate what we do have. Know that you are working towards something great. That you are working towards healing yourself so that you can go out and aid others on their journey.

Blessed Be.

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