Friday, February 17, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 2/17/12

  The Ten of Wands.
When I see this card, I think of the movie "Labrynth". There is a scene where Sarah meets a pack rat in a junk yard. This pack rat carries everything on her back. She wishes to not let go of them, because if she did then she would find out that she could be released from her own prison. Sarah figures this out when the items she loved as a child begin to pile on top of her. Sarah becomes scared and wishes to let go, but the avalanche of her past comes crashing on her. Her friends, three aspects of herself, show up to rescue her. She leaves her past behind and finally decides to grow up and accept what has been given to her. This is the energy of today. We must leave things from the past, within the past. We must move forward with our destiney. We must grow up and use our divine gifts.

Blessed Be.

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