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The Nature of the Week's Energy 4/30 - 5/6 2012

    I began to contemplate this entry about two days ago. I was going through my change, and making sense of this pain and hurt within my spirit. In that process I learned that I was afraid of Love. That I was afraid of looking like a Fool. Then I picked the cards for the week and saw the Fool card turn over. As a matter of fact, there are Five Major Arcana cards that exist within this spread. The number Five to me means a turning point and the challenge that comes along with it. You can prepare for this change by meditating on the good things within your life. It is a great week for doing something out of the ordinary and taking chances. Do you like to gamble? Then take a trip to Chumash and put your luck to work. Are you looking to leave your job? Then this week is ideal to put your two weeks notice in and send out your resume. Are you wanting to buy a car? Then go out and shop with clarity. You will be presented with a great deal. The reason why I know that things will work out, is because I see the Harmony card. This card tells me that there will be a coming together of energies, for the greater good.
     One thing I would like to mention, concerning a lightbringer or morningstar, is that the struggle is always with our ability to shine. I always speak about how we, lightbringers or morningstars, are willing to jump into the unknown without hesitation. I use Love as an example with everything, because it is all I know of and also struggle with. Love comes to us at many levels, from sexual, which is the lowest level of love, to compassion, which is the purest level of love. I can struggle at times with compassion, because in giving all I have to others, it can leave me drained. Really, I start to put expectations upon myself and the situation.
 I always ask my Clients, "What do expectations lead to?" They respond with, "I know. I know. Disappointment."
Of course it will lead to disappointment, because an expectation can never be satisfied. This is where the ability to shine gets lost within the shuffle. The ability to exist starts to decrease in manner, but one thing that is certain, a lightbringer is still willing to jump into the unknown. This scares other people. It frightens them to know that someone so great is willing to take a chance on another person, place, and thing. People do not like to gamble with the nature of their heart, where as a lightbringer states to the Ego "Bring it on".

    As always, I have to really meditate on the cards, when they are picked, for a good four to five days. So, I went for a walk, looked at the trees, lied on a blanket, and watched the clouds roll by. It hit me. This journey that we are taking, during this week, can be related to the crashing of a wave on the shore.

    "The water is calm. With only one thought in mind; to exist and move with each thought of the Divine. It ripples and sways with the light of the sun and is guided back to harmony with the dark of the moon. Something begins to happen. A single spirit that exists within the whole, or Base Chakra, decides to pull away. It musters up all its courage and begins on its Journey, leaving the Tribe he calls home. The Wave wonders if others will follow. He wonders if his choice was wise. Regardless of the fact, the Wave moves forward, for forward is the only direction in front of him. This spirit decides to be an individual by becoming a wave on top of the ocean. The Wave thinks that it is alone on its journey as it looks around for his brothers and sisters, and sees no one. He only sees the vast picture of the calm sea. He understands that he is the leader on this expedition, and that he is creating this experience. The Wave moves forward and he sees land ahead. He understands that this is his fate; to crash and burn out against this thing called Earth, this thing called reality.
     The Wave seeks to understand why this journey was taken. The Wave calls out to the Divine and questions the direction he was moved to go in. He questions the outcome, and why somethings are considered unchangeable. The Wave questions his reality and the direction he is moving in. After a few seconds of despair, the Wave feels the Energy all around him. He becomes conscious of his own power. He becomes Aware of what the final outcome will lead to, which is Harmony. He pushes forward with so much strength. He pushes forward with so much power that he is no longer a single Wave on top of the ocean anymore. He is now the path maker, and others have decided to follow. He is not alone. The Wave does not hesitate to meet his Fate that sits upon the shore. He crashes into the Earth and becomes invisible. He sees only dark. He knows only of himself. Then after a few seconds he understands that he is part of the whole again. He is back within the Divine presence, within the Light, but part of a different tribe. This tribe is now made up of Lightbringers or as I like to call them "Morningstars", those who burn bright as the sun, those who create the path of life for others. The Morningstars understand what being afraid is all about, because they take so many risks everyday within their existence. They crash and burn so many times, that after a while it seems like all part of a days work. They understand that they are strong. They understand that they can and will exist....even in the dark of times. They understand that they will become part of the whole once again, just like the Wave."

   Last week brought in change that was needed in order to move forward with our love and existence. Now, we see that change take shape. That change is now advising us, like a compass, to move in a certain direction of light. Remember, every path we take is of the light, even if we become that beacon for others within the darkness.

Monday: 5 of Swords
   Looks like the mood of that change will make itself known early in the week. I already know what the change is for me. I have decided to leave my current day job, and move forward with my life. This does not mean that my journey will be about finding a job. I know that my change is within, and contains a spiritual challenge. This challenge is always in the form of Self Worth. I know that this is not a bad thing, for Self Worth can have a positive aspect and a shadow aspect, like everything else. The struggle is with doubt that is attached to situations within my life. Swords deal with emotions and mental state. So, I will keep an open mind and make decisions based off of Truth.

Tuesday: Base Chakra (m)
    Here is where I begin to break free from the Tribal Thought pattern. I am slowly moving forward as an individual. What I must remember here is that, I may pull away from the whole, but I am never really separated from it. I am still connected to the Divine, but I am making a decision to become a pioneer of great hope and light. I have to seek out a new tribe to council with, for my thoughts and ideas are moving forward with great speed, and this does not scare me. When I see the Base Chakra card, I think of a school of fish. In great numbers they move as one. Always flowing. Always swimming, but remember that there are a couple of fish who decide to venture away from the tribe, creating their own path, which leads them to forming a new tribe of fish. We are never really apart from a tribe or social thought, a lightbringer just chooses to test the theory of Faith in order to understand.

Wednesday: New Beginnings (m)
    This is the beginning of that new journey. I have went through that change and decided to keep walking. Now an opportunity has presented itself to me and I am willing to take it. This is where my foot sets down on land. It is no longer suspended and fear has been obliterated from my thought process

Thursday: Harmony (m)
    The union begins. Some say that "The Lovers" card, or Harmony is a reminder of Compassionate love. It is not about the love of two people, but the coming together of Divine, Mind, and Body. This is where I will choose to exist, and become an individual. I will accept the change that has entered into my life. Love is always around me and I know that every step is in alignment with my path of greatness.

Friday: 3 of Swords
    My thought, on the minor acrcana, is that they are a reflection of the major arcana. The minor arcana speak about daily struggles within our life. I see them as an influence, where as I see the major arcana as a sign post. That being sad, I understand that this day will contain a moment of grief. I know that this day will be about repeating my mantra, in order to change my thought process of worry, doubt, and fear. I know that there is always a silver lining behind every storm cloud and that something good will come out of every experience I have.

Saturday: Light (m)
    This day will contain a lot of answers. I will receive what I have been working on during my prayer and meditation. The Light is constantly shinning and This card always reminds me of that pure Divine energy that is always around me.
Sunday: Awareness (m)
    Yes, I see that I contain all the tools needed to move forward. I see that all shall be revealed to me. I understand that I am part of the Whole once again, part of the Divine. I must appreciate the first step, that I took earlier in the week, in order to understand the nature of the change. I know that I will be okay, as well as everyone else within the "Morningstar" tribe. This is where I can take comfort in the fact that I shall move forward, that I am worthy of this change, that I can do anything.


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