Friday, June 22, 2012

The Card of Courtship.

The morning brings new light. I decided to make an entry in my blog regarding the card that could be applied to courtship.
What is courtship?
It is an act of love that leads up to the manifestation of our desire. We all long to be wanted. We all long to be cared for.
Sometimes we apply the wrong emotion with the act of courtship. Love becomes Lust, and in turn can ruin the great opportunity that is attached to said act.
Courtship can be associated with the Two of Cups. We see the love that two people have. They come together and in turn cling their glass to the toast of new beginnings. It is a new start and they plan on taking it forward. The act of clinging their glasses together forms an unseen pact. They state with their unseen thoughts, that their soul will learn to grow with this love. They will begin a new journey and along the way they may fall, but one will be there to help the other up after the stumble. For all we really do within this life is a stumble into the next. No one ever states out loud to Source, that they want all the stumbles that Source can muster up. People want to walk through life with very little turbulence, especially when it comes to love. Love can be tricky. Love can bring even the strongest person to the ground.
So why write about Courtship?
It brings up an emotion that I can not seem to get rid of. It brings up a state of inspiration that advises me to write. Write about the thoughts that swim within my head.
I think that with all this time on my hands, I can really look at my gifts that Source has given me, and take them to a new level. I have to understand that every word I write is there for a reason. Someone who is looking for the right thought and emotion shall read it and understand. They will see the sign post that has been laid on this road of great discovery.
It is like an off ramp sign. It doesn't really state the street you are exiting on, but it contains a code, a number or symbol, that only you understand.
So open up your heart to the symbols and signs that Source has to offer you. Source can not make you listen, for we all have the gift of free will, we all contain it and in turn we all can misuse it.
I always state to people that when it comes to your life, there is so much room for error, so do it! Who cares what IT may be, as long as you gave it your best and know that you will have no regrets in the future, then you will be a better person, who at least tried.
Most people are afraid of trying. They are afraid of the big fall at the end. The Tarot always states to me that the fall is the greatest adventure that you could take.

Blessed Be.

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