Friday, June 22, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 6222012.1

6-22-2012 Friday:

   The cards talk about an Aries type person who is very business like. This person is the Warrior who can rush into things without thinking. They are here to aid us on our journey. We also can contain the characteristics of this card. They think with great intent and can be the person who starts a new project. They are the inspiration within the group...wait! That is it!
   The Court Cards must be looked at as a group of people within a certain environment. Okay I went off track there for a moment.
   Now, the King of Wands is associated with Fire. The element that can heal and hurt.  A fire can burn in the darkest cave and dungeon that we put ourselves in. It keeps us warm at night and can cook our food that feeds our body with fuel. We move within this inspiration, but at times we can also get burned by the same fire that does such positive things within our life. Do not stand too close to this person or invest too much time with an Aries type person, because some can contain a shadow side to them, that you have never seen. You must be willing to go with every sunburst of energy that the Aries can manifest. They can fringe the ends of your spirit with their light, if you do not understand their ability to shine. You must let the Aries create and cause such great inventions to be thought of. Be like the King of Wands and think of such great ideas within your life. The next lesson would be to move forward with the creation of that thought into our reality.

Blessed Be.

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