Friday, June 1, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 6012012.1

 First Impression:
I seem to be stuck on the 7 of Wands card for Saturday. This card is about defense. What are you guarding or hiding? What journey are you not wanting to take? Is the trouble worth the pay off?

This is about inner power, and how we must use that energy in order to move forward. The journey will contain many challenges. This is okay. Without the process of change, we would not know our self worth.

This card is about spiritual union. A coming together of love, life, and spirit. Do I see a new relationship take form?
Not a new relationship, but the coming together of mind and spirit between two people. The relationships you already contain in your life will move forward, or be left behind, at this point in time. Understand that every person is in your life for a specific reason. Maybe they are there to teach you patience. Maybe they are there to teach you that you can be loved again. This is also an ending of a project and the gratitude that comes with the process of that project. Be balanced with love. Come together and create or breakdown the wall of imperfection.

This is the card that has been on my mind all week. It says to "stand your ground". Wait!
Yes, it means to hold on to your dreams, and not give up on the path you have decided to take. Know that you are walking with the Divine and that every step you are taking is leading you to exactly what you want to do. Know that you are worthy of that path and anything that comes into your existence. Know that you are this wonderful and great person who deserves such good in your life and you are living that good life right now!

Now we take our first step into the unknown. Our journey will be long and also contain many obstacles. They are just obstacles. Take them in and understand that the obstacle is there to show us how strong we are. This is about the intuition within you. Use it and know that you can do anything. Know that the journey should be enjoyed. There will only be positive circumstances left for you to handle. This card is sometimes called "The Moon". It speaks about evolution and how we can move forward. This also advises me that any path you were to take will lead you to your destination. No matter what you decide to do, or any path you would have chosen to take, you will have to go through the obstacles and challenges set before you. There will be no easy path.

Final Notes:
I can only tell you that you are a wonderful and great person who is moving forward in everything you do. Take the time to contemplate on the choices you have made and come to the realization that they have led you to this wonderful life that you are living at this very moment. Please advise your Ego to take a hike when it shows up. Blessed Be.

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