Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Nature of the Week's Energy 6042012 to 6102012

First Impressions:
Three Major Arcana Cards.
They speak about moving forward with our dreams.
Leaving the existence of "the tribe" and moving forward into the unknown.
Will we be scared?
Of course we will be scared, and through that moment of fear we will push forward into the light.
I do see a new beginning taking place. Remember that in the past three weeks the cards, or spirits, have been getting us ready for this great payoff. I see it taking place at the end of the week. This is when your plans will be finalized.
You will hear an answer and it will be good.
Keep your head up and remember your self worth.
There are also a lot of water cards in this spread. Remember that is dealing with our emotions and love.
This is also dealing with that moment of healing. For me it is about the healing of past relationships.
For others, it may be about the healing of a physical ailment due to our emotions.
One thing is certain, that a healing is taking place and it will start to reveal itself to us during this week.

Major Arcana:
A new beginning will take place. We are walking on our path and last week I saw the journey taking on a shadow side. The Ego will try to trap us within dark of the forest. The Ego will try to win.
Now, things are starting to make sense. The answer will come out into the light and truth will take over. A response that will contain great news will happen this week. Be on the lookout. For it shall scare us. This is where we cultivate that self worth and state to ourselves that we are worthy of such greatness.
Become aware of the talents you contain within you and how you would be such a benefit to anyone and everyone within your existence. Move forward with your spirit and the tools that exist within you, so that your dreams will come true.

Minor Arcana:

A time of letting go, a time of celebration, a time of rebirth, and a time of healing.

These are the tools we can pull from. The knowledge and truth of what is to come. The existence of Source's love. The Existence of that love within us. Within others. Know that you are being led to that perfect place at the exact moment.

Final Notes:

What must be understood here, is that all of us have the free will to step onto that path. The Choice is only made by you, and you alone. No one can make you do it. They can only have influence on your decision.
Do you want to be happy or unhappy?
Do you want to be healed or sick?
These are the choices we are faced with at every turn on our path. So choose.
What I have to tell you is that there is no mistake. There is no wrong decision. There is only action. Then comes circumstance. Listen to your heart and make a decision bases off of clarity, not desire. 

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