Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 6122012.1

    Were you frustrated with certain things, yesterday? I was
I was frustrated with the outlook at that very moment. I had to return to the positive things within my life and that I was walking in alignment with that wonderful Divine plan set before me. As you can see from the man in the cards. He is being presented with so many opportunities within this world and from the Divine. But he looks down towards what is not there. He does not recognize what is being offered. I was reacting to what was not there. I needed to look at everything that is being taken care of. My needs are being met at this time. I am allowed to take this journey and move forward. So, if you find yourself frustrated, return to what you know at that very moment. That you can choose to return to the old, and deal with the worry and fear that you had in that situation, or you can choose to move forward and understand that you are allowed to be upset, but you are also allowed to change your thought patter and allow that greatness to enter into your life.

    The Knight of Coins is making itself known. This is male/female energy, working together, to bring about some item into reality. This card can be associated with the sing "Virgo". I was taught by someone that the Archetype that is associated with the Virgo is "the overseer". I think of a manager, or person in business, who understands that you have to plant in order to be abundant. The seed must be put into the ground and cared for. You must get the soil ready for the small delicate seed that will grow into an abundant fruit tree. So, you will either take on this characteristic or meet someone who will advise you of this. You will be walking down a wonderful path, that will show you that every step you take is the cultivation of your land. You are ready to plant the seed, and soon you will see what is produced.

    I know that there will be another person coming into our life, and this person will contain the quality of the "The elder leader". Remember that entry of the week. I refer to this man, or male spirit, as Giles. He is the watcher who takes care of his charges. Knowledge and information are his weapon of choice. Who do you seek council from, and who do you trust? You will also be looked upon to give that same information to those around you. If you do not have someone like this in your life, then you are the elder leader within your tribe. Remember that you can not let the Ego get in the way. You can not get to big for your britches, or reality will bring you back to earth and the information that you are willing to give will not be heard by others.

    We return to that time of defeat. The number 10 is associated with ending of things. This is the end of one cycle and we move into another. This card is advising me that we will be at our wits end. We shall think only of the negative. So, since we know that this day may bring about confusion, let us move forward with the intent of bringing into our life joy and happiness. All will be made known in the coming days. What if I told you that everything will work out in your favor and that you will not fail. What would your day be like then?
I think that it is the thought of failure and falling that scares us. What you can not see here, is that the Divine does not know of failure, nor worry, nor doubt. The Divine is only Truth and Knowledge. This is within you at this time. Return to this thought, that you are Truth and Knowledge. It runs through your veins. It runs through your spirit. When this card comes up in a reading, I always advise the person in front of me, that you must know the only way to go from up.

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