Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Nature of the Week's Energy 6182012 - 6242012

First Impression:
  The Nine of Swords card stands out the most. It speaks of a time of stress and possible depression. I turn to my spirit guide for guidance. She speaks to me with a kind heart and advises me that it is not a card of negative thought, but of a lesson. The lesson teaches us how to turn the negative thoughts and emotions into a positive experience.
   I decided to look up the meaning of the card for a little more insight, and the card can mean the death of a loved one. I am not going to take this literally, but spiritually. Everyone dies a little every day. We shed a skin from one day, and move into a new one the next. We sleep every night and in the morning we wake up with new thoughts and a revived body. Death is not an end, but a beginning. The hidden energy card is "The Tower", and talks about a break down of system and morals. We fall from our tower of defense, landing smack on the ground, possibly dying, and getting back up. We pick up the pieces from out life and rebuild again. The nine of swords could mean a death of an idea or cancellation of appointment. Ah ha! What does this mean?
   What may seem as an ending, will turn out to be a great understanding. A rebuilding of thought and foundation. We shall rise up and create again.

Major Arcana Group:
    We see three cards, The magician, Strength, and Judgement. Creation of what we want and the power we have to do this, the inner wisdom to move forward and break through any obstacle, and the new awakening of that thought and material item. We shall go through major change again during this week, just like we saw this change happen in the beginning of the week. Death, Temperance, and the Devil are the hidden energy cards that are influencing our thoughts during the week. From one change, to letting go of the old, to restriction again due to our Ego, will cause us bring into our lives the great opportunities we have been cultivating. Be patient and start new projects on Tuesday, end old projects on Wednesday, and re-evaluate your current desires on Sunday. The cards keep telling me that Sunday is the time to reflect on what has happened and where you want to go.

Minor Arcana Group:
    Be prepared for great news on Tuesday, a burst of inspiration from an Aries type on Friday, and a little bit of struggle on Saturday. Since I see a negative experience as a positive creation, understand that Saturday will be a simple hurdle. Do not stress over something that will happen no matter what. You create stress and worry, so think of something else. Understand that everything happens for a reason and that perfection rests within every moment of our life. Even in the most challenging times of our life, we can find perfection within that moment. You simply have to recognize it. The obstacle is only there because you are choosing to go against the flow of energy and not allowing your spiritual self to "ride the wave in".

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