Monday, June 25, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 6/25/2012

6/25/2012 Monday:

The card associated with this day is Judgement.
What does this tell me?
That during this time of change, we rise up again just like the phoenix. We hear the trumpet blow in the distance and rise up from our grave of sleep. Remember that we sleep to receive information from Source. We wake up in order to apply that information to our life.
No one can bring you to the point of Death, unless you allow them to. You decide to give up. Death is just transformation. We die in order to rise to a different level of thought and movement.
This card talks about the many opportunities that lie ahead of us. This is when  you come back swinging. I would say that this is our time to shine. Be on the lookout for such great miracles today.
The hidden card of the day is The Moon.
This is our journey.
The journey may seem like danger, but we all must take that first step. Danger is just our perception on the situation. We create Danger. We create the outcome. Cultivate only knowing and safety. Look at your journey in a different manner today. Take the first step and understand that the Moon also takes over the phases of our life. Some days we are waning and others we are waxing. Our true destination is to be whole again, like the full moon.

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