Monday, June 25, 2012

The Nature of the Week's Energy 6/25/2012 - 7/1/2012

Major Arcana Group:

I see a new way of thought that is taking place during this week. As the Wheel of Life turns, so does our journey. It is not about the up and down or the High and Low of life, but the puttin gout of thought and receiving of thought into action.
What do you want to cultivate?
Be prepared for the breakdown of what you have created. This is a good thing. You get to start over. You get to pick up the pieces that are left and move onwith less cargo.
Now is the time to rise up and move forward with the change tha thas been offered.

Minor Arcana Group:

A time of love and new relationship. The coming together of people and thoughts.
A Leo like person or woman of mystery and magic shall enter into our environment to heal and change things within our life.
Stand your ground and know that you are moving forward with joy and love.
Follow your set course or action and be strong. Be on guard of what you have and do not let others dictate your level of happiness.

Final Note:

Thursday contains a major change and the card that is associated with it is The Tower. The Tower speaks to me about the breakdown of things. Are we not listening to our heart. Are we not open to the gentle nudge of Source. Be careful, but allow this day of destruction to take place. Understand that sometimes you have to go with the flow of energy and know that everything will work out in your favor. Destruction is never a bad thing. It teaches us to let go and accept the greatness that is waiting on the other side of that destruction. Flow with the energy.
Also I went to look up this card and understand it on a deeper level.
A lot of Tarot Practitioners advise that this card can mean a natural disaster. Be on the look out. Earthquakes, Tornados, and a Tsunami. Why would this scare us?
Because it is distruction manifested in our reality, but remember that this destruction also is reflected within us. We take on Earthquakes, Tornados, and a Tsunami every moment that we decide to take a different course of action.

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