Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 6/27/2012

6/27/2012 Wednesday:

The card that was picked for this day is the Seven of Wands. This card speaks to me about standing your ground.
What are you guarding?
Is it your self worth?

The hidden energy card is Judgement. An awakening. A phoenix rising from the fire.

It is time to stand out. It is time to shine.
You are strong and can do such great things. Now is the time to make them happen.
Coupled together, the cards speak about the nature of your being. Do you wish to exist or do you want to be pushed down by your Ego.
You are in charge of your life, now is the time to make a decision to accept what is being given. To accept that you are deserving of great and wonderful things.

Do not hold on to old things that keep you tied down. Do not return to the past and think that since you are different, that the environment will be different as well. Also do not return to the past and think that the outcome will turn out different. No one else has taken the time and energy to change, except you. Stand your ground and understand that you are moving forward.

You may struggle with the waiting game. Like the cards picked yesterday, you must remember that the wheel is turning and if you stand strong, then that energy will return to you full force. Think positive and understand that your life is a good life.

I was going to bed last night and decided to take a moment and think about the cards picked for today. This day is not about defending what you have in the material world. It is about protecting that wonderful Child within you, and allowing him/her to grow. Do not snuff out the light that guides you into the realm of unknown. Do not allow others to dictate the level of your happiness.

Today is about protecting yourself from the harmful thoughts of your Ego. We are to change our thoughts of worry, doubt, and fear to thoughts of joy, love, and understanding. You can do this!
You can move past the obstacles of the day.

Blessed Be.

I am adding on to this entry because as I was working out, it hit me; the card is about finding your second wind.

It is about moving forward with a new energy that you thought you didn't have. Now you have found it. Understand that you can get through what ever obstacle is set before you. Give it a chance. Let Source take over and you will find the energy to push past anything set on your path.

I was working out at the time when this thought entered into my mind. I was telling the work out tape to "Fuck Off" as I was jumping around and doing push ups. That is when I knew the Seven of Wands was speaking to me about how I can do it. It was stating to me that I am able to push forward and do this workout, that I had been doing for about three months now. There was nothing different about the workout, but I was able to push myself a little harder and to perform the workout at peek performance. I was able to breakthrough my Ego thoughts and finish this wonderful experience. Now the cards are speaking of this ability to push forward, muster up all the energy that you have, and become a vessel for Source to fill with strength and power.

Blessed Be.

This energy that is part of the Seven of Wands is about the recognition of what is in our life, that does not serve us at this time. Are we ready for the cut off?
Are we ready to let go?
Are we ready to grow?

That is the big question...

Yes! I am ready to bloom and grow. To touch the suns rays. I am ready to heal and be healed! I am ready to say good bye to the box that I put myself in.
I set the limits and I recognize that I can take them away. Tomorrow speaks about that destruction.
I know what truth is! I know that truth benefits us all. I allow that change to take place. That recognition that I am worthy of so much more within this life. That I am worthy!

What would you do to be healed? Would you give up anything and everything if Source asked you to?
Would you let it all go and walk?
I would. I would simply leave things behind, with the knowledge that I can return. That they also have that choice to pick up their truth and walk.

Blessed Be.

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