Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 6/28/2012

6/27/2012 Thursday:

This card has been bugging me all week.
The Tower card rarely brings up emotions of worry. I know that the Tower is a wonderful card that announces destruction within our life. The destruction that breaks down our whole being and leaves us with very little to work with. What is left within this time of destruction is the essence of Source. Love.
One Mind.

These are all left at the bottom of all the stone and brick. The Tower causes us to confront things within our life that have been causing us harm. Remember that even the things that may seem healthy can cause us harm, and by harm I mean, the act of holding us back from moving forward and becoming that great and awesome person, we were born to be.

The hidden card is The World. This is an ending of a system of things. After this is the Fool. We begin a new journey.

What does this tell me?
Things are going to start to slow down within life. The Destruction is finally at an end, for the time being. When I first looked up the meaning of the cards, to get a better feel of what they could be speaking of, I saw that the Tower can sometimes mean a natural disaster. Could this happen?
Of course. Anything could happen at this time, but the real lesson is allowing that destruction to take place and moving forward with our life.

We must learn to accept what ever comes our way, let the circumstance happen, allow it to move forward, and keep on walking down your path of greatness. Only we can stop our state of motion.
The Tower card just shakes things up a little, so that we can view it at a different angle.

Blessed Be.

Now that I have had time to think about this card. I know what it means at this point and time. Are you ready to let go?
I am ready for that wondeful energy to become my truth. To live within my heart and not snuff it out when it speaks.
To not hush it as it screams for change and truth.
I am ready to recognize my potential to be something wonderful. This is not my Ego speaking, for if it was, then I would be telling you that I am not ready. The Ego advises us to stop thinking. To follow. To just play along and sit and take what has been given with no question.

Question your thoughts! Question your ability to just give up!
Question the person standing in front of you, telling you that you can not pass without a ticket!
Question it all!

Understand that destruction is welcomed in some cultures. It is part of life. Chaos is part of this world and aids us on our journey. If we did not have Chaos, we would not have growth.

Blessed Be.

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