Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 672012.1

    This day will contain celebration. The card is paired with the Sun card and it tells me that something wonderful will take place on this day. This is not about love, but the understanding that our dreams are coming true. We see the wheel turning again, and it is in our favor. Celebrate your life, and understand that all is as it should be. This will contain the answers you have been looking for.

    Here is the acknowledgment that the tools you need to move forward are within you. They have been there all along, now it is time to use them. This card is paired with Judgement. A new thought about how you should be living in a world of joy and love. Everyone is deserving of this right, and the Divine is always there to advise us of this. We received our answer and new thought yesterday, and now we are taking it into consideration. We are moving forward.

    This is where the journey begins. We take that first step into the unknown and we are okay with what will happen. For we know that only good will take place. This card is paired with The World. A new beginning to an ending of a cycle. All the knowledge is there for us to use, and we can create whatever we wish. Now is the time to use our power for the greater good.

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