Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Solar Chart Horoscope Spread: client #TR662012ML

Client #TR662012ML


The Solar Chart Horoscope Spread:

First House:

            This house is speaking to me about your beginnings in life. They seem to be the struggle. Most people find the struggle after the start, but with you it seems to happen when you first decide to make that change.

Second House:

            This house is speaking to me about your financial affairs. There will be a message about your finances that will come out of left field. This will be a happy surprise. An awakening or new thought toward your finances.

Third House:

            This is about relatives and communication. Remember we talked about a Scorpio woman who will aid you. Well she is showing up within this house. She is older and creative. This is someone who you connect with. Has someone returned into your life from your family? Or are you reconnecting with a long lost relative that is pointing you in the right direction?

Fourth House:

            This is about the ending of things. What are you afraid of that needs to be let go? The cards that fall in this house talk about your issue with understanding when something is over. The ending of a cycle with money and one opportunity is being presented at this time, but it is not what you were expecting.

Fifth House:

            This is about Love and Relationships. You are not seeing the potential of your creative side. What your worth in a relationship and what you can do. You must not think that you are not worthy, nor that that person or man is not worthy of your love as well. Take a second look.

Sixth House:

            This is a person who is within your life and is associated with work. This person is young and has a caring heart. They lead with their emotions and are under the sign of Pisces. Has someone been talking to you about your look or a new way of living healthy?

Who is this younger person?

Seventh House:

            This house deals with business partner or the public. We see that you were meant to work in the Service field. So your wish to work somewhere that allows you to shine will take place. You just have to cultivate it.

Eighth House:

            This is about planning and I am being advised of change and how you relate to this change. The cards are stating to me that once you make your mind up, then you can move forward and achieve the goal you want.

Ninth House:

            These cards are telling me that you have been having dreams about what to do and where to go. The Divine has been advising you on the path to take through  your dreams. Really pay attention to them in the coming months. This is how the Divine relates to you and answers your questions.

Tenth House:

            Everyone is backing you up. They all support you and know that you will be great.

Eleventh House:

            This is about groups and friends. A change is taking place and you are seeing who your friends really are. Also new thoughts about social groups and expanding  your circle of friends.

Twelfth House:

            This is about hidden limitations that restrict your creative ability. You must understand that when you love something, you are willing to scream about it to the world, but who will listen? Know that if they listen or not is not of your concern, because you are going through a great time of change. This means you will see the ups and downs of life. Do not let this stop you.

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