Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 7/1/2012

7/1/2012 Sunday:

Love is in the air. The hidden card of this day is Death. The card for the day is Two of Cups. What does this tell me?

Are you wanting to move forward with a relationship?
Do you want to get out of one?

Death is just transformation. So, the relationships within your life will start to change and take shape. Maybe it is time to have "The Talk" about where things are going with the current relationship.
Maybe you need to check in with those you love, and spend some time with your family.
Think about moving forward with that special someone.

Love has always been a challenge for me. I use to struggle because I thought love had to be a certain way. That Prince Charming would come into my life and sweep me off my feet. I now know that I make my path in life, and any person who would like to step foot on it and walk with me, can. Love will grow no matter what. Love enters when we choose to love ourself.

There use to be a feeling of envy when I saw others in a relationship. Thinking to myself, "Why them, and not I?"

What I didn't realize at that time, is that my Ego was stating to me that I thought less of myself. That I was not good enough to be in a relationship, and that I was unlovable...even to myself.

Now I shine bright and understand that there is a perfect relationship within me and it is Source, and it is Good. Through this thought I am allowing that Energy of Love to take form and shape. That person is there at this very moment and they will make themselves known. I have to understand that I must keep on walking my path. I can not wait, look, and think to myself that it will surely take place if I stop everything I am doing, so that he can find me.

Fuck That!

I love myself! It has taken me 35 years to see, know, and tell myself this. So, say it to yourself!
Tell you that you love....You!
Love will come.
What you have to recognize is that when it happens, are you going to judge the package it comes in, or accept it for what is really is? Sometimes love can come to us in a vessel that we did not ask for, but Source knows that we are to learn a lesson about how we see ourselves. Remember that everyone in your environment is a reflection of you. Even the most handsome person has flaws. I would much rather be with a person who accepts the flaws within his life, embraces them, lets them go, and understands that they are perfect.

I am perfect.
You are perfect.
This moment is perfect.

Try stating this when you think that love will not find you. Believe me it will.

Blessed Be.

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