Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 6/30/2012

6/30/2012 Saturday:

The card I picked is the Queen of Wands. I associate this card with the sign of "Leo".
The Queen in any deck can be considered a wise woman. Like the King, she rules with trust and honesty, but also she is compassion. Where the king can sometimes be cold and fair, the Queen understands that sometimes we just need a second chance in life.

Is this about a person within our life. Well, it can be, but we are all connected, so in some way the Queen of Wands is within us or her energy is trying to present itself through us. She can be of magick decent and also she shines through. She has to be in the limelight of everything. The Leo wants to be recognized.

Recognize yourself.
Shine through in every situation.
Be present and give of yourself freely.

This is what the Queen teaches us. No matter what happens in your life, or who you decide to be with, you still exist. Shine light in every corner of your soul. You are the music maker, now create.

Be mindful, sometimes you can get lost within the hussle and bussle of the flashing lights. You can go blind with fame. Remember to stay grounded and humble. Accept what Source has to give you, but remember when to take your final bow and move on. The curtain must always close at the end of one act, so that the props can be set up for the next scene that is to take place.

Blessed Be.

This one is late because I could not publish it at the house I was staying at. Would not let me view the site. Remember that everything within our life is about contemplation. Sometimes we need to view the day and apply it to the card that we have picked. Sometimes Source doesn't reveal to us the whole story until the very end. That way there is a moment of understanding.

Blessed Be.

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