Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 7/12/2012

7/12/2012 Thursday:

Today will be about victory over our Ego.
You know I sometimes catch myself talking bad about my Ego, but really I am glad it is there. Without my Ego, I would not understand just how wonderful I am.
How strong I am in times of danger.
What my true limit is, and when the wall in front of me is an illusion.
Today is not about eliminating your Ego and everything attached to it.
It is about embracing your Ego, thanking it for all it has done, giving it a kiss, and saying good bye for the moment so you can take flight.
All of this is about taking flight.

Fly my friends. Let your spirit soar. Soar high up in the sky of hope.
One day you will come down and visit. You will see that the Earth and ground are your friend.
The rock that once held you down was placed there by yourself. Kiss that wonderful rock that helped you reach your destination.

Understand that Victory is short lived within the eyes of illusion, but if you live in constant happiness, then there really is no such thing as Victory. There is only existence. There is only understanding. There is only Truth.

What is your Truth?

Today I walk forward with such great intent in my heart. To understand that I am exactly where I am to be. To know that with every step I am creating such a wonderful environment.
To know that I am worthy of the good in my life at this very moment.
Acceptance of what has been given is the key. Once you accept what you have manifested and the circumstance that go with it, then you can move forward with cultivating good in your life.

Blessed Be.


7:03 p.m.

The day is almost over. What once scared me is leaving at this present time. It is only a thought.
This day was filled with so much information, reunions, and temptation to return to something old.
My old way of thinking.
My Ego.
Did I allow it to step in and make me stop?
For a split second.
But I returned to my techniques and worked through that feeling of doubt and fear.
I simply thanked my ego and let it go.
Remember that your Ego is never really gone. It can show up in different situations, with a different set of clothes.
Sometimes it can be a sheep within the flock. Sometimes it can be a loved one.
The result is up to you.
The circumstance is left to your thought process.
What shall you do?
My Ego use to advise me to run. To stay. To allow.
Now I can move past the decision and advice that my Ego gives me. I may take a moment to contemplate the information it has to give me, but I move on. I return to the Truth.
I am great. I am love. I am part of a whole. I am worthy. I am enough!

Blessed Be.

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