Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 7/13/2012

7/13/2012 Friday:

Funny that the cards speak of a struggle. An obstacle. They also speak of destruction. The day will bring about a feeling of confusion, but return to what is known. What is happening all around you at this very moment...that you are living a good life. You are alive.
You are wonderful.
Confusion is a result of non existence.
If you have a question...raise your fuckin hand and ask it!

Only you contain the power and momentum to move forward. No one else can make you do it. No one else can hold you back. That is why the Devil card depicts two people held by loose chains. The chains are on their wrists, and were placed there not by the Devil, but by their own self. The Devil can be referred to as our Ego. It is the item that holds us in place, when our spirit wants to move.

Be willing to change your direction in life. Be willing to overcome obstacles set before you, by taking what was given, looking it in the face, and loving the fuck out of it.
Yes, you are probably thinking "why is he using a bad word?"

My instinct is to write. My instinct is to speak to you the way I would speak to myself. I do use foul language. I do use bad words. It is part of who I am. I do this in order to make a point.
To emphasize.
The destruction is only temporary. Remember that the break down is the destruction. The aftermath is what scares the shit out of me at times. To pick up what was left behind. To move forward when you really do not want to set foot on another unknown path. What I have come to realize is that when we feel this way, it is our body trying to stay in one spot, while our spirit is already at our next destination.

I simply embrace the change that is set in motion and ride the wave in. Imagine the force that will be behind you when you decide to just go with the flow of energy. All that effort to hold back who you are and what you have to offer. If you simply went along and let such great things take place, well then you would be the happiest person in the world.

Blessed Be.


7:35 a.m.

Remember that a challenge or an obstacle is just the Universe trying to distract us from concentrating all our attention on the item that is to be manifested. The item is always good. It is the seed that we have planted.
I want it to grow, so I begin to take care of it, but it can also become our obsession. I may start to over water it. I may begin to tend to it too much, and in the process, I will smother it. It needs to grow at its own rate, in its own time, at its own speed.
Let it flourish.
The Universe sends us a distraction, in order to allow us to let that greatness come into our existence. Take the distraction and the challenge as a blessing. Allow it to come into your existence, accept the challenge, let the energy take shape and form, and understand that everything happens for a reason.
That reason is always good.

Blessed Be.

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