Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 7/14/2012

7/14/2012 Saturday:

Well yesterday was a great day for me. Thinking about what was being given to me by Source, trusting that it will work out, heading forward and understanding that things happen for a reason was a challenge in itself.

Today is about Faith and Hope of a desired outcome.
Faith is about knowing it will and is happening right now, and Hope is about believing it will happen at any point in time.
I have hope when things are first starting out. When there is happiness in my life, I hope that it will carry on into the next phase. I do not expect.
Remember that expectations lead to disappointment.
I have faith when things get difficult or when change occurs.
I use to confuse the two. I thought all you had to have was Hope. When I would hear others say "I hope so". I would agree with them and state the same thing.
Now I state "I know so" after they say to me that they hope so.
It negates that thought of wishing and wondering if it will happen, and states to the Universe that it is happening at this very moment and time.
Now, I do not do this if the thought is of a negative aspect, or is not for their highest good.
And their highest good is Good.

Sometimes you need to take a leap of faith. Sometimes you have to be suspended in time.
There is a waiting period.
There is a time of rest that you must take.
Everything is happening in the background, but you can not see it.
So all you have to do is have Faith.
This gives you the knowledge to take that leap into the unknown. You fall within the darkness and understand that the end result is the greatest thing that will happen in your life.
I have Faith that things shall work out in my favor and there are people here that love me. I know that love and joy and happiness are in my life at this very moment, for this moment is all we really have.
Now is the time to cultivate that state of good and greatness within your life.

Blessed Be.


1:16 p.m.

Why don't you take a chance?
Sometimes I am afraid that I will not be liked if I take a leap of faith. That the outcome will weigh in and I will look like the Fool.
The Fool starts out on a journey that is unknown, but the Hanged man takes his journey with Faith that the unknown will be beneficial. The outcome may be known or not known by the Hanged man, but still he lets himself fall, hanging upside down, waiting for enlightenment to come.
What he misses sometimes on his journey, is that the waiting part really doesn't have to happen. Enlightenment is already here. The mere fact that he made a decision to suspend in time for a bit is the enlightenment taking place. The decision was the eye opening experience.
Take the chance.
Place your bet.
Know that the number is always right. That luck is on your side. That the decision you have made is perfect and wonderful.

Blessed Be.

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