Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 7/4/2012

7/4/2012 Wednesday:

Today is about celebration. Fireworks will be going off in the distance.
It is a day of Independence.
How will you enjoy this day?
Will you let the worry and fear of what may come keep you from living?

The High Priestess is the card of the day. The energy will be about Source and the background actions that are taking place while we enjoy this wonderful life. The High Priestess speaks about balance and also Intuition. Will you listen to yours?

Remember that yesterday spoke about returning to something that causes destruction within our life. We wish to be deceived.
We choose to lie.
We do this out of fear and now we must listen to our spirit.
What is it telling you?

My spirit spoke to me yesterday about allowing so much greatness to take form and shape. To ask questions and seek out the answer, for it is right there waiting to be recognized. Be blessed.

The Tower card is the hidden energy card of the day. This is destruction again, within our life. Are we listening?

Today should be given to Source. Understand that everything is happening at this very moment and it is good. You are living that wonderful life at this very moment in time. Lead with your intuition. Move forward with your intent.

Blessed Be.

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