Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 7/5/2012

7/5/2012 Thursday:

The Knight represents raw power. It is energy that has not been refined. Where the King and Queen understand that actions have consiquence, the Knight wants to simply take action and change his Fate.

The Knight of Wands speaks to me about ideas. The sign that can be associated with this card is the Saggitarius. Knowledge.
Look at the situation in a different manner. Understand that you have to push forward with a new idea in order to receive an answer.

The energy of the Knight of Wands is very raw and can sometimes be overbearing. You may seem like it can be too much. To have this person in your environment can sometimes lead you down a path of being uncomfortable.
They are young and can point us down a road of destruction, but they will also lead us to our new destination.
Am I asking you to trust the Knight of Swords today?

Yes. Sometimes we have to be uncomfortable in order to understand our boundries. We have to be put in a weird situation in order to understand our nature of being. Our self existance.
Let the creativity flow with the Knight of  Swords.

Blessed Be.

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