Friday, July 6, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 7/6/2012

7/6/2012 Friday:

The Two of Swords speaks to me about a decision that needs to be made. It is about an agreement. Am I to go here or am I to go there?
Both choices are reasonable, but they will not contain a desired outcome. You will feel like there is a restriction set upon you.

The decision will be about the path you are currently on. The Moon card is the hidden energy card. It speaks about the journey we are to make in this life. It speaks to me about evolution and how things come about.

What choices are set before you?
Do they cry out for attention or are you avoiding making that decision?
Remember that the Moon ,coupled with the Two of Swords, creates an energy that states:
  "No matter what choice you make or what path you decide to walk on, the journey will contain trials and tribulations. You will end up at your destination no matter what"

So make your decision based off of the delight of the path that is before you.

Let us turn this card from shadow to light, for this life is based off of our perception.
My advice to you is to make your choice with an open heart. Know that you will come out okay and everything shall work in your favor. It may hurt in the beginning. The change that is associated with that decision may feel like you have made a wrong one, but you keep on moving. That is the key.

To move forward with a smile. Make that decision something wonderful. Know that you have made it with clarity and strength. Let the energy flow and you will find out that it was the best choice in the world.

Blessed Be.

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