Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 7/8/2012

7/8/2012 Sunday:

The Knight of Swords speaks to me about a person of communication. They move forward with intent and they are ready to make something happen. What I must remember, is that they are also raw power that is unrefined. Can you shape a Knight into honed power. Yes!

They eventually move up through the scale to Queen, then King. The Knight will come to understand the power it has and how wonderful they are.

We should sometimes take on the power of the Knight. The Swords can speak to me about health or the Force needed to break through obstacles. Be carefree but move forward with great intent.

Push the boundaries within yourself. Test your Ego. Make the Ego feel scared, for that is the nature of the Ego. To be afraid.
What if we could be scared, but confident?
Well then you will move forward with Faith, for we are all scared of something. Whether it is that first step into the unknown or that first kiss.

Communicate your feelings.
Communicate your thoughts.

Blessed Be.

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