Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 7/9/2012

7/9/2012 Monday:

An ending of old memories. The past is put to rest.
I think of the song "Oh Father" by Madonna.
The lyrics speak of how one person has made a decision to not allow her past to hurt her anymore. Even though she uses her father as a figure in her song, I interpret it as her statement to her Ego that it has no control over her future.

What is holding you back?

Remember that I use to think that I was not worthy. I use to think that I was not enough. My Ego use to whisper these things into my ear, when certain actions were taken. I thought I had no control over what the outcome could be.
At that time, I did not have control. I was allowing the environment around me to create for me.

This is what holds us back. We decide to let others create our environment.
Take control of your life.
Get rid of the bad memories.
They may have served you at one time. They all contain a lesson. Maybe a lesson of letting go, but what happens when you have out grown that struggle? When your spirit has already let go of those memories that haunt us.

The day speaks of this thought process. To let go of that which binds us to the ground. I know I am ready to take flight into the unknown.

Blessed Be.

First day on the job can bring about old memories. I sometimes worry that things will not work out.
Today was a great day. I understand now that I am worthy of everything within my path. I will meet new people who will be of like mind, and they will aid me on my journey.

So, why do we sometimes fear what is known? Why do we sometimes let our Ego get in the way of who we are to be?

We are great and wonderful people who are worthy of such love and joy.
Can you feel it?
Today was not about the items that hold us back. It was about what moves us forward.
There is no time for worry or doubt. There is only time for knowing and understanding.
The ending of a cycle of fear.

Blessed Be.

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