Monday, July 23, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 7/23/2012

7/23/2012 Monday:

The act of love can be found in everything we do. When I think of the Two of Cups, memories of those I have loved come into mind. The relationships that we sometimes cling to. I know that I always think about love. The act of love and what is involved makes me smile.
You see I believe that compassion is the highest form of love. It is the process of giving while receiving. It is doing without expectation or thought of "getting something back" attached to said act.
The Star is the hidden energy card and this is about Hope. What do I hope for?
Well, I do not hope anymore, but believe that all things work in a circular motion. What we do today will lead into tomorrow. Our thoughts create a belief, such as; if I do good then good is returned to me in many different ways.

What do I want from love?
I want a person who will give me everything they have within them. I want the dirty, nasty, clean, awful, rude, lovable, and blemished soul that will stand before me. I want it all...but in turn I need them to want me as well. All of me.
Love can sometimes blind us within the process. We see the beginning of a relationship. Two is about moving forward and coming together. The balance of life.
The balance of body and spirit.
So, I see two people reuniting or returning to something that was known. It will all make sense tomorrow. For temptation will creep back into our life.
My struggle with love, is that the past will return to me at a time when I am still weak. One thing I need to remember is that I am here. I still exist.
I am the constant within my life. I have been here this whole time, waiting for something to happen. Now I am ready to move forward and in the process of taking my first step, everything that I had been waiting for is arriving in batches. How do I filter through all of this?
By believing that I am worthy and also that Source will bring me greatness. Everything within my life contains meaning. It is up to me to believe that that meaning is good. It really is good.
This does not mean that I have to drop everything within my life in order to make love happen. It means that I can move forward with my life, and the process of love will follow.

The Star card can show a person standing in a lake looking up at the sky. The northern star is in the sky shinning bright. Some would say that the body of water is washing clean all the worry and doubt that the person has. The star is part of the whole and in turn it reminds us that we can return to that which we are....a perfect being within this moment.

I am ready for love. I am ready for that perfect person to enter into my life, but the real question is:
Are they ready for me?

Blessed Be.

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