Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 7/24/2012

7/24/2012 Tuesday:

Temptation can be anything and anyone. In my life, temptation can surface within the aspect of love. Within reltationships that are forming or have been formed. The past seems to carry a part of temptation, for I am wanting to return to the old with this new thought of happiness. So, the past enters my life, and I find that I must let go of certain things. I must understand that temptation only has power if you allow it to cause worry, doubt, and fear.
The act of moving forward within your life causes the memories to move within our body.
I remember.
I forgive.
I find salvation.
The Devil card speaks to me about our Ego. It is not evil that sits within our world, it is the act of judgment upon another. It is the state of non existance. It is the act of pain upon ourself caused by us.
The Moon, as the hidden energy card, leads me to believe that temptation will enter into our life today, cause us to doubt our path, and also cause us to grow.
So I turn to Kali. I am ready to grow.
I am ready to move forward. I am ready for that energy to enter into my life and lead me into Truth.
Temptation will always be present in my life, but I know what it sounds, looks, and feels like.

Blessed Be.

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