Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 7/25/2012

7/25/2012 Wednesday:

I sometimes play the "what if" game, but instead of thinking wonderful and great thoughts, I think of what else could go wrong.
Today is about recognizing the power within us. Taking back what is mine, and moving forward with such joy and happiness. I have to remind myself that everything within my environment was welcomed by my spirit. I co-created it, so I should be happy that it is here.
Well I am sometimes unhappy.
If I was to take all the tools in my bag of tricks, and apply them to my life, then my life would be instantly upgraded to Aaron 2.0
Do I wish to be Aaron 2.0 or simply just Aaron. Improvement does not mean that I will be better. Maybe I come with a matching outfit or a free mount...haha. That was for all you WoW lovers.
I know that today will bring happiness and an answer. The Sun shines on our life all the time, even if we think there are only clouds in the sky.
I know that Source is constantly with me and in every decision or choice, there is greatness. Now is the time to make my statement.....
This is where you decide. Do you want to be happy or unhappy?
Do you like where the path is going or would you like to change it?
Today is the day to do it.
I use to advise those around me that it starts with a first step. A lot of people wish not to take it, because it would mean that change will happen and that a healing will take place. That would scare anyone. Imagine being happy. Imagine being loved. Imagine being accepted.
The step is not the hardest part. What causes the doubt and fear, is the initial pause from foot off the ground, to foot back on the ground. That moment is when everything you have done in the past comes rushing forward to state "You can not do it"
This is our Ego once again showing up in the smallest of spaces to cause confusion. Are you not tired of hearing him speak?
I am.
So I am closing the book on it.
That chapter is done for the moment. Time to write about what I can do.

Blessed Be.

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