Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 7/31/2012

7/31/2012 Tuesday:

When I am looking at the two cards for the day, I see the influence of love and relationships, plus the destruction of what you have built.
The Tower is the hidden energy card, and the three of cups is the card of the day.
The energy will be about breakdown and breakthrough of emotions. Love can break through any obstacle, and also build bridges to those we love. I know that today will contain such great joy, but what relationship will cause destruction in my life?
Who will this person be?
Is it someone close?
These are the questions that start to enter into my mind.
Should I be thinking of this?
Source allows us to understand that the future may happen, or the future may not happen. Now is the only thing I can look at. This very moment.
So, the destruction may be happening in the background, and that relationship may cause me to fall to the ground, but one thing is for certain....I am ready to get back up.
That is the major lesson of the Tower card. Some may look at it and think "Is that going to happen to me? I do not want destruction to break down what I have worked so hard to build. That is scary."
I look at the card as a reminder that we are human.
That we fall every once in a while, even when things are going great.
The fall reminds us that we are worthy.
It reminds us that we exist.
That I brought this into my life, and now Source is taking what is not needed out of my reality.
I am ready to grow.
I allow that energy into my life to create that growth.
I am ready to move forward.
Today is about accepting that energy into my life. The destruction and change is within the area of relationships and love.
One thing I do see is that victory will take place, and the relationship that is left at the end of the destruction will get stronger.

Blessed Be.

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