Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 8/1/2012

8/1/2012 Wednesday:

The Miser within us wants to hold onto things of the past. But what if I advised you to let them go and move forward.
That everything you want in life will come to you if you let go of the past.
Sometimes I cling to the past because I think it contains more value than the present. That if I hold on long enough a different situation or experience will happen.
Honestly, I am lying to myself. I know it is time to move forward. Money is always there, but this card is more about the manifestation of things within our life. I want to see it and hold it. I want it to be wonderful and such a size. I relate this card to love. Love is the only thing in my life that I wish would manifest itself...and you know what.
It has.
Now I find myself at a crossroad. Do I want to be happy or unhappy?
Do I want to be healed or sick?
I turn to the shadow side of the relationships in my life because it is all I know. People would rather stay with something familiar than venture into the unknown. I am making a move forward. I am going to allow this to take place.

Blessed Be.

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