Monday, August 13, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 8/14/2012: Abundance and The Pull of Energy

8/14/2012 Tuesday:

Two major arcana cards. As a matter of fact there are a lot of major arcana cards this week. So much change and sign posts that I am to look at and review.
Abundance happens to us when we least expect it, and it also happens to us when we desire out of mishap. Abundance can come to us within a relationship with love or a job that creates the change needed to move forward.
The Journey can be dark at times, always putting our shadow part in front of us. I have learned to deal with my shadow side. I know that everything can be used for a negative purpose, but the circumstance would be the same regardless of the influence of the person.
Remember the energy is neither good nor bad, it is just energy. What will you do with the abundance that is placed in front of you? Will you look at it today and think:

 "Wow that is a lot of lemons. What do you want me to do with a lemon. I asked for an apple. I wanted an apple. Why did you give me a lemon. This sucks. Now I have to start all over. Oh Great what more can happen?"

Or Will you look at it and think:

"Wow that is a lot of lemons. What shall I do with them? I know that I had wanted an apple, but with all these lemons, I could make a lemon tart. I could also make some lemon-aid. How wonderful it would be that Source would give me so many lemons. I could sell some of them, give some away, and also keep some for myself. There is so much to go around that I do not have to worry about not having enough. I can trade a lemon for that wonderful apple that I was craving a while ago. Now I can have not just one apple but three or four, because I have so many lemons that I can trade as much as I want. Surely someone will want lemons today."

Do you see how a little positive emotion can also change the circumstance and power of the energy you were given?
What will you do with the abundance of light that will be given to you? Are you going to hide the energy and let it dissipate in the dark, or will you allow it to shine and share it with others. You know that if you were to give with the intent that all things come back to you in a great way, then you will see that you have more than enough.
Believe me.

Blessed Be.

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