Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 8/13/2012: Patience and Navigation

8/13/2012 Monday:

Sometimes when I get lost within my thoughts, or get lost in general with where I am going, I always turn to my constant. Well, my constant is my home.
What do I call my home?

I use to call home the place where my stuff was situated at. Where my shoes would be placed at the end of the day.
Home was something that was related to foundation and contained the elements within it. I have had many homes in my life. Some were made of stone, some made of wood, and some made of straw.
I could say that my life was like the three little pigs. Every house that I thought would be sturdy was demolished by the Wolf.
The Wolf was my shadow side. It contained all the dark of night, strange of shadow, and lies created by my Ego.
It would come creeping around and shake my foundation. I would run to another part of my life or new destination every time one house was destroyed. The Wolf was tricky.
He would follow me within the shadows and make me believe that I was safe. As time went on my houses were built stronger and better.
I understood that I could not build with materials that could be destroyed with one single pebble of doubt.
So, I started to build my house with stones of truth, joy, love, peace, wisdom, etc.
My home was now able to withstand many storms and earthquakes caused by the Wolf.
My constant was no longer the material side of this life. My constant was now within me. Home was within me.
The place where I stand is called home and one thing is for sure, that anyone who is invited to my house is welcome to stay as long as they want.

The hidden energy card is the Star. This card is a representation of home. For the Star is the constant within our life. The star navigates us to our next destination. When we are lost we can always look up and follow our star back home.

The card of the day is about patience and planning. Am I patient?
Sometimes I am not patient. I get distracted and have to return to my center or my constant. I must advise myself that I am able to destroy my dream or create it. No one else can do this for me. No one else can destroy what I have built. Only I can give them the power to destroy my creation.
The day will bring about the energy to understand that I must keep on going, even if I think that I am going no where. I must keep walking, even if it means walking in a circle. The greatest thing you could ever do within your life is Wake up every morning and choose to exist. So, exist on this fabulous Monday and your choice to wake up and face the day is a gift in itself. Thank you for choosing to exist this day.

Blessed Be.

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