Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 8/16/2012: Dishonesty and Clarification

8/16/2012 Thursday:

The card is a minor arcana and this tells me that simple things in life can carry a huge punch, when it comes to change. Even the smallest lie can lead to a blow up. Dishonesty is the absence of Truth. What Truth have you been holding back on?
I know that this can effect my day and the outcome of my choices throughout the day, but what we also have to keep in mind is that even a lie can lead us to clarification.
This is not about who told the lie, nor where the lie came from. It is about what the lie has brought about. You know that even a lie can contain some truth to it. We just have to look past the minor details that have been attached.
I think that this day will be about how you speak the truth as well. If you simply blurt it out and try to make someone understand, well then you have a long road ahead of you.
One must simply state the facts and how the facts can create the outcome that is attached to the action.
What outcome do you want?
Sometimes we can be blinded by the lie and the person who speaks it into existance. What if the lie was really a truth?
What if that person, or self, cried wolf for so long, and one day it really did happen?
Understand that a lie is simply an excuse to get attention. Who are you giving your attention to?
Would Christ pay attention to someone who cried wolf all the time?
I think he would know when the person was really telling a lie or the truth, as a matter of fact he would be so compassionate to this person and state the facts, that the person would be moved to tell the truth. To speak of their existance within his presence.
What I must come to terms with is that even if a lie is told, it should not effect me as long as I am in alignment with my Divine plan. You never know that lie may turn out to be the key to unlocking the next door within your path.

Blessed Be.

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