Friday, August 17, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 8/17/2012

8/17/2012 Friday:

Signposts can be funny little things within our life.
Sometimes they appear right at the signal of an off ramp or a left turn.
What do we do then?
Do we miss our off ramp or simply plow through the nice green grass and cut a pathway home?

The card of the day is the Wheel of Fortune. Remember this is the cycle of energy that moves outward and returns to us.
It does not move up and down, but in and out. Like our breath.
We inhale oxygen and exhale CO2.
What energy are you inhaling and what energy are you exhaling?

I know that when I inhale, it is the energy of love and acceptance. Acceptance of what is.
When I exhale, it is the energy of love and acceptance. Acceptance of what can be, in this moment of greatness.
The hidden energy card is the World.
An ending of a cycle.
The sign post is changing. So am I to change with it?
Well, I only have two choices. They are both half chance. Everyone else is faced with the same choice as me. It may look different, but it is the same. The choices are:

To either get up and do something about it
Shut the Fuck up and sit down

Some would say that you should wait and let things play out, but then you would be doing something. Even if you were to be silent. You are still existing within the battle that is taking place around you.
Here is your sign post. What will you do?
Are you going to choose to do something about it, or complain and get told to shut the fuck up and sit down?
I know this is what goes through my head when I am faced with a decision. With a choice.
I always choose to exist, because in every decision there is the existence of our true being and the non existence of our true being.
There are those that say "Well, someone has already chosen my outcome"
No one dictates the level of your happiness. They only have control if you give it to them.

"Well what about those in prison or held captive? What about those faced with a tragic accident or a killer?"

I have to turn to what I know. That we are the creators of our environment. Remember, even if you were to be enlightened today at this very moment and understand Truth, everything that you were wishing for or spoke of in the past, would come rushing into your life, or not, and then you would be faced with the circumstance of  your action. So, mystics know and understand that things will happen, but they are neither good nor bad. It is what we see and what emotion is attached to that circumstance. When someone is faced with being killed or a tragic accident, one must accept what is being given, for in that moment they could be the most compassionate person in the world, and still the killer would choose to take a life. You have no control over anyone Else's actions but your own.

So think about what you wish to cultivate when you are sending out energy. Do you want to draw negative aspects of life or positive? Do you wish to see the good in everything or the bad?
Are you choosing to accept the signpost or bypass it completely hoping that there will be another one?

Blessed Be.

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