Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 8/18/2012: Healing and a new Beginning

8/18/2012 Saturday:

The beginning can sometimes seem like the end. It will contain certain messages that should have been given to you a week ago, but one should no worry about when the information arrives. One should focus on where that information will take you.

When we are faced with an opportunity to be healed, or recognize the perfect state we should be in, then one is given a choice:
To grow or simply stay in dis-comfort.

I know that I always ask for the change that is needed to grow within my life. I understand that if it does not serve me at this moment and time, then it must be left behind.
Sometimes one looks for a person to latch onto. They will be our anchor if we drift too far into the unknown. What one must look at is the nature of the person. If they are not willing to pull you back when you drift too far or hold you down when you should be flying, then the anchor serves more as a prison cell.
Do you think the anchor in your life is hindering you or allowing you to grow?
If you were told that you needed to give up everything in order to be healed. Would you do it?
This is where your Faith comes in handy.
You must take the first step that will lead you in the right direction. Anything and anyone who really cares and loves you will be there at your new destination. Believe me.

Blessed Be.

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