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The Nature of Today's Energy 8/20/2012: Ending of a cycle and Temptation

8/20/2012 Monday:

The Universe comes through within us. One contains the Universe in the body, for where the body ends the Universe begins. Where the Universe ends the body begins.
I know that what is within us is also outside of us. That is why the Universe never ends. No one knows how far it goes out. I would think that it goes on forever and is like a circle that has no boundaries. What is projected onto it will be given back to us. So if one thinks it has a boundary, then one will only find an end. It is up to them to either change their way of thinking or move forward. What if you thought something was over, but come to find out that it is just asleep within the dark mists of our mind. It creeps back in a different form or shape and advises us that it is new.
Does one treat it as an old friend or a great expectation?
I know that I usually great it as an old friend, for it had never really left.
Temptation can even come in the form of something wonderful. The real question you have to ask is:
What am I giving up in the process of receiving this gift?

I know that I usually give up everything I have. I am willing to suffer in order to see another benefit, for I know I am strong enough to bounce back from the fall.
The fall can be the greatest gift given to you.
It can contain the courage and inner strength needed in order to move on. The fall may break a bone, but what you have to understand is that bones can be mended.
Bruises eventually go away.
Scars can be a totem, in which we pull from our inner strength.
Temptation is the absence of acknowledgment of who we are. One decides that they are not worthy enough to move forward in life, and in turn goes back to what is known. The Fall.
Do you really want to break another bone?

I know I do not. What I would ask myself during this time of an ending of a cycle, is a very simple question.
Are you giving up your existence in this decision?
I do not want to return to something that always causes me hardship. I do not want to give myself to someone who does not want to reciprocate the same amount of love.
I do not want to be second best within their eyes, because I choose to simply sit back and enjoy the ride.
I do not want to be passed by.
I still exist in this world. I choose to move forward.
I choose to be and enjoy this life that has been given to me.
What are you choosing?
The singer Seal has a song called "Don't Cry". In it, he states a phrase:
    "Don't feel alone, because its all you understand"

I reflect on this line. As a human being I sometimes turn to a place of loneliness because it is all I understand. I sometimes turn to a place of unobtainable, because it is all I have come to know. Pain is so much more easier to accept than joy. Standing still and being poked by Disappointment with a small stick is much more easier to take than moving forward into the unknown. It is easier because we get use to the pain of disappointment, rather than the pain of letting go.

Blessed Be.

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