Monday, August 20, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 8/21/2012: Prosperity and Disruption

8/21/2012 Tuesday:

Sometimes prosperity can come in the form of disruption. Confusion can lead you to clarity. You have to believe that all things will work out in your favor even when you sit in the eye of the storm of your destruction.

The two cards can mean a lot of things. My first impression is that the money will be from a windfall. It will come in right at the nick of time but will be unnoticed. Unrecognizable. It would be wise to pay attention to the small signs that linger in the corner of the the days sunlight. Can you see it?

It reminded me of a lottery ticket that is scratched and you win so much money that you think it is a joke. This does not mean that you should play the lottery, but it means that you will get what is needed. If you require an apple, then you shall receive 10 of them. Now the major question one should ask is:
   What will you do with your new found prosperity?

Some would rather give it all away, because too much material wealth in our lives can create disruption.
Disruption is just the abundance of confusion. It is the abundance of doubt. The challenge is to sit within that doubt and enjoy it.
Take it all in.
Understand that Source never wants you to worry about what will take place.
Know that Source only wants you to live a good life.
Disruption is something we have created as humans. We go against the will of our spirit. We hesitate within the darkness, because the fear of being hurt or falling take over. Fear.
Fear is nothing more than an emotion. Everyone feels it.
But there are those who embrace it and move forward.
This is about prosperity and the understanding that you can not rely on something to come through for you. The prosperity is there, you just have to allow it to take form and shape.
If you try too hard to create the vessel for it to fill, then it will break or come out deformed, due to the pressure that is applied. Think of it as clay. What if you pressed the mold in the wrong direction. Some are happy that they created something so unique, but in the end they become masters at their craft. They perfect the vessel and understand that you must allow it to take form and shape with little effort.
Know that you can also do the same to your prosperity. Even the smallest mistakes will be of good abundance.

Blessed Be.

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